Welcome to the Steinbeis TIB - Your Partner for IP Analytics & Valuation

Steinbeis TIB is a expert in IP Analytics and IP Valuation. Our target customers are  small- and medium-sized technology companies, large corporations and patent law firms.

Since its foundation in 1998, more than 1,500 market and technology reports, over 4,500 patent evaluations and 200 IP projects were successfully completed by the experts of Steinbeis TIB, which are engineers, scientists and economists.

Due  to our many years of experience in intellectual property and patent evaluation you benefit from an objective and independent assessment of your IPR. We have developed the Steinbeis TIB method that meets the requirements of DIN 77100 for the evaluation of patents completely.

Steinbeis TIB is part of the Steinbeis network and has access to an international network of industry, science and research. The Steinbeis network of transfer orientated centers specializes in making a whole spectrum of the latest technology and management insights available to customers. Steinbeis transfers competitive knowledge and technology into business, for the benefit of large companies and individual entrepreneurs alike.