Case Scenarios


A manufacturer of measurement devices employs about 250 employees, thereof 40 in the R&D department. The Head of R&D is responsible for IP management too. For the management of about 30 patent families (3 to 5 applications per year) additionally two accountants with extended qualification are occupied.
Overtaking the complete portfolio management by Steinbeis TIB has enabled the Head of R&D and the accountants to accomplish strategically important tasks within the entity. Moreover the money spent on IP management could be reduced by more than 25%.

Portfolio Optimization

An entity in the sector of telecommunication mandated Steinbeis TIB with the analysis und reassessment of some of its portfolios. This entity works with a calculatory approach of 10 to 15.000€ total costs for each patent family and year (according to existing experiences this is – depending on international coverage and age of the patent family – a too low value).
On recommendation by Steinbeis TIB over 60 patent families have been dropped, so already in the first year more than 500.000€ could be saved.

Technology Transfer

A leading manufacturer in the automotive industry during a portfolio analysis had identified some hundred patent families with no or less strategic relevance.
During valuation, alternative exploitation scenarios outside of the automotive sector have been shown for about 80 patent families. After a few months already 30 out of the 80 patent families have been sold and this delivered a revenue of little less than one million Euro additionally to the cost reduction.

Market Screening / Competition Supervision

A patent specialist working for an automotive supplier spent 80 to 100% of his working time for competition supervision and the search for new, for his employer relevant, technologies. The subjective dissatisfaction of the management with the results (‘we can’t to this properly ourselves’) was based mainly on the overstress of the employee and the missing of appropriate tools (using fees for relevant data bases too high).
By mandating Steinbeis TIB with a long term assignment the company gained the assurance to receive high level research results as base for strategic company decisions. Moreover the money spent could be reduced by over 40%.