IP Valuations

We offer services in IP Valuation for:

  • Valuation of patents, trademarks, utility models and design patents

Patents, utility models, design patents and trademarks often make up a large part of the value of a company. A realistic valuation of this intellectual property identifies for you the worth of these rights to your company and helps you to make the right decisions to be successful in the future.

In the areas of technology, patent-rights and portfolio valuation Steinbeis TIB has gained outstanding experience. Over 100,000 patents across all sectors have already been screened in a technology and market related survey. Our valuation method combains qualitative and quantitative aspects in a unique way.

Detailed information on our valuation method

Your Benefits of Working with Us

We offer you objective and independent evaluation of your patent rights based on our expertise, derived from over 4,000 patent-potential analyses we have carried out.  This evaluation is performed according to the Steinbeis TIB method, which fully complies with the requirements of the DIN 77100 standard for the evaluation of patents.

In this method, all relevant qualitative dimensions are considered alongside the quantitative evaluation, whereby the chances and risks of the patent rights are presented in detail.  Within the framework of an extensive landscaping, the positioning in the market and in the competitive environment is determined, and concrete exploitation scenarios based on these assessments are described.  The results of this exhaustive research and analysis are then presented in appropriately powerful documentation.

Besides evaluations, Steinbeis TIB also offers supplemental services which quickly provide you with a well-founded body of information upon which to base your further business decisions.