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Steinbeis TIB is a competent consultant and service provider in all matters relating to patents and industrial property

Germany is still a land of inventors. As the European Patent Office and the German Patent and Trademark Office have informed, even in the past year with more than 90,000 patent applications Germany was in third place - behind the U.S. and Japan. The sheer number says but little about the economic utilization and thus the importance of property rights. Steinbeis TIB GmbH, headquartered in Mannheim, is a competent consultant and service provider in all matters relating to patents and industrial property. "With our years of experience we want to support large enterprises, SMEs and individual inventors solving their tasks efficiently and cost worthy," said Detlef Berger, Managing Director of Steinbeis TIB.

With its services, the 20-strong team of engineers, scientists and business people supports innovation processes throughout the company. "We recommend to perform so-called state-of-art searches before beginning a new technology project, or before a patent or utility model application, to get an overview of existing rights in a defined area of technology," says Dr. Bernd Singer, Director IP Consulting at Steinbeis TIB.

A result thereof may be that it no longer makes sense to do research in a particular direction, because the topic is already occupied by a competitor. Companies then have the opportunity as an alternative to their own development to buy technologies to take or licenses.

"On one hand, we are tasked by companies to look for innovative technologies that allow them to expand their portfolios effectively. On the other hand, we support them in the recovery of their rights in the form of a sale or licensing", said Dr. Singer. With its array of "technology transfer" Steinbeis TIB is also here to advise you.

In addition thereto, Steinbeis TIB is offering strategy consulting. "We see the relevance of intellectual property rights rating in terms of corporate strategy, focusing on current and planned products," said Dr. Singer. Thereby insignificant rights and savings and protection gaps are identified. The strategy includes advice but also the optimization of international coverage as well as advice for the award of licenses.

Steinbeis TIB has gained much experience especially in the valuation of property rights. These often constitute a large part of the value of a company. A realistic valuation of the intellectual property rights demonstrates the value of the contribution to the company and helps them make the right decisions in order to be successful in the future. "Our valuation method uniquely combines qualitative and quantitative aspects. We offer an objective and independent assessment of property rights based on our expertise of over 4,000 conducted patent potential analysis", said Deven Misra, Head of IP Analytics at Steinbeis TIB. The assessment is made in accordance with the Steinbeis TIB methodology which meets the requirements of DIN 77 100 for evaluation of patents fully. The management of existing patent portfolios including correspondence with the patent offices and advocates rounds off the services from Steinbeis TIB.