Strategy Consulting

We are offering service in strategy consulting for:

  • Portfolio optimization
    • Portfolio analysis (strengths, strategic relevance, risks)
    • Portfolio inventory and revision
    • Consulting on the management of technology portfolios
    • Selection process to determine technologies to be marketed
  • Patent-development strategies with choice of the following options:
    • Develop vs buy decisions
    • Selection of target markets
    • Further registrations of a technology
    • Optimization of international coverage
    • Consulting on the granting of licenses
    • Cost and return-on-investment estimates
    • Roadmaps/guidance of technological advances

In the scope of portfolio optimization, patent rights are first checked for their strategic relevance. That means that not only is the effectiveness of the technologies underlying the patent(s) investigated, but their relationship to the enterprise strategy is also analyzed, that is, to current and planned products. In this way, meaningless patent rights and possible potential savings are identified. Additionally, possible exploitation options (sale, licensing) are highlighted in the course of the evaluation.  If needed, it can also be investigated whether certain patents are being infringed upon by competitors.

We support you in questions relating to patent development and registration strategies through the selection of target markets and analysis of your competitors, thereby optimizing the technological and geographical coverage of your portfolio. We would also be pleased to advise you on the development of supplementary patent rights and accompany you here from the registration through the nationalization phase. Cost estimates for various registration scenarios as well as a return-on-investment estimate round out our range of services.


Your Benefits of Working with Us

The portfolio inventory carried out by Steinbeis TIB and the recommendations derived therefrom for the portfolio’s pruning or possible expansion help you in the optimization of your technology and IP portfolios. A significant reduction in costs is the result.  Through the optimal coordination of patent strategy with enterprise strategy, our customers succeed in significantly improving their competitive position and quickly entering new areas of business which, through appropriate patent rights, are extensively secured.